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   Track Awards Assembly
   May 20 2019 at 02:15 PM
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   May 20 2019 at 06:30 PM
   Last Day of School
   May 21 2019
   PBIS/Athletic Assembly
   May 21 2019 at 09:00 AM
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Welcome to Platte Valley Middle School
The mission of PVMS is to pursue excellence for all by ensuring growth in academic achievement as measured by state and national standards.  We are dedicated to creating a positive learning environment by challenging and supporting all members of our school community.



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From the Principal's Office:
Good afternoon, MS Parents and Families!

Happy Monday and welcome back from the weekend! I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a truly beautiful Mother’s Day!

Awards Night (Tuesday, May 14th):
Our annual Awards Night will be taking place Tuesday evening (May 8) at 7:00 p.m. in the HS auditorium. Students who are receiving awards/recognitions were contacted last week via phone and mail. If you were contacted for an award, PLEASE consider attending the ceremony. We have had many instances in the past where a student is going to be recognized but does not attend, which can often make the award appear less important than it actually is. Our teachers are also making a concerted effort to talk to students who are up for awards and encourage them to attend the ceremony.

Last week to turn in assignments:
This Friday will be the last day for students to turn in class assignments (this does not include turning in make-up work for students who are absent). In the past, we have tended to be bombarded by assignments being turned in at the last minute (on the last day of school). This year, we are teaching our students about the importance of deadlines and the necessity of getting work turned in on time. Teachers will be letting students know that ALL work must be turned in on Friday.

Elitches Trip this Friday:
As a result of the bad weather last week, our yearly 8th grade trip to Elitches has been rescheduled for this Friday. As I have mentioned in previous updates, students must be academically eligible and cannot have had a major office referral during the 4th quarter of the school year (this includes a 4th folder pull) in order to attend.

With only one week left, we want our 8th grade students to complete the year on a positive note, so please encourage your child to give us their best in the last days of this school year!

End-of-Year Check out:
We will be beginning our “end-of-year” check out process next Monday and finishing on Tuesday morning. Please help us with this process by encouraging your student to get all library books turned in and fines paid. They also need to be prepared to turn in their class text books or pay a fine if the book was lost or damaged.

Lunch accounts will be reconciled this week and students will need to have money in their account in order to purchase a lunch/breakfast (no charges this week please).

This Friday (May 17) we will be having a yearbook signing party for those students who have purchased yearbooks. We would ask that students take their yearbook home with them at the end of the day.

Next Monday (May 20) we will be cleaning out lockers and students will be instructed to take ALL of their stuff home. Please do not allow your child to bring their materials back to school on Tuesday.

Next Tuesday (May 21) will be our yearly “Fun Day.” Once checkout is completed, we will have our last PBIS Assembly of the year and then release the kids for our fun day activities (jumping castles, sand volleyball, dodge ball and BBQ). We are hoping for good weather!!

As we are putting the finishing touches on another school year, I want to thank you again for the work that you do from home to support us in our work with your children. It is an honor for us to work in a great community with supportive families!

I hope that you all have a fantastic week!


Jason Taylor
“PVMS Promotes Respect, Value, and Care in All That We Do!”

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Sesame Street


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Art Bus Interior Display


Parents please utilize the drop off lanes when dropping off students unless you are planning to walk them to their building. Students are being dropped off in the parking lot which is creating a dangerous situation as they walk across the lanes of traffic. If you are walking your child to their school, please use the cross walk.


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